(names have been withheld due to privacy reasons)

“Linda was a great find for us. Her attention to detail, trusted professional advice, and prompt personal service has made her the tax and financial expert for our entire family.”


“Linda came highly recommended by a friend and she was there at the very beginning of our business, now ten years old.  She guided us, as we were complete novices, through the world of corporate taxes and paper work. We have been extremely happy to have her guidance and expertise."

 "Some of her assets are her honesty, knowledge of ever changing tax laws, and prompt attention to our particular needs.  An important issue is that of trust.  Linda is trustworthy - a rare but necessary quality in someone so vital to company finances.

We know that she has our company's best interest at heart.

We have often remarked that writing the check to Linda Rozet is the best money we spend.”


“It has been my good fortune to have Ms Rozet as my consultant for the last 3 years. Her advice and integrity have been more than a little helpful dealing with the IRS and my mother's past tax returns.  Linda's knowledge and research were priceless for us. It was truly a blessing finding Linda when we first moved to Arizona.”


“In working with Linda, I have finally realized that there is still honest, kind-hearted, knowledgeable financial help out there! Linda is absolutely incredible in what she does, and while she runs a business, she also ensures that she gets to know her clients which in essence helps her serve the clients better as well. I fully trust Linda in the years she has helped me before and will continue to trust her in the years to come.”


"Linda is honest, responsive, proactive and knowledgeable.  Her support has been very valuable to our business.  Knowing I can count on her gives me peace of mind, which is important in today's fast moving and complex business environment."


“Linda is a true professional who is always interested in the client's welfare. She stays up to date on all tax changes and informs all clients accordingly. I used to dread tax season, but I don't anymore!"


“Linda and her firm has supported us with essential accounting, financial and tax advice and services since the formalization of our business in 1999. Linda provides professional, timely service as promised; more importantly, beyond the typical output,  she has patiently consulted with us to create custom solutions to match our firm's growth and changes. We happily recommend her services to others and look forward to working with her for many years to come.”


“Linda has been doing our taxes for 8 years, she has been very timely and dedicated in completing the returns.  She is always been available with answers of any questions during the year.  She has made tax season a less stressful event.  Thank you Linda.”


“Linda is the best CPA we have ever had.  She is very knowledgeable about the latest tax laws, quick and efficient.  With her professional knowledge and experience we expected a much higher fee. “


“Linda is a very special person who cares a great deal about her clients.  She is affordable and time efficient.  She is very personable and really values the relationship that she has built with our family.”


“I have had a business relationship with Linda Rozet since 1998!  I am an absolute tax dummy so I depend on her to be my "brain" when it comes to filing taxes.  She not only has a wealth of knowledge regarding tax laws, etc., but her integrity is what keeps me coming back year after year.”


 “I am willing to drive from Cave Creek to have Linda prepare our  taxes. She is so thorough and we have found her to be a pleasure to work with. She keeps current with all of the tax law changes and has great tax suggestions. She is top notch!”


“It is hard for me to remember a time when you were not available for us at our appointment time.  I have waited quite some time at previous tax preparers.  You have always worked well with Joanne and I and have done everything possible to get us every break coming to us without compromising ethics.  That is VERY important to us and makes "TAX TIME" quite a bit less stressful. “


“Having Linda Rozet handling VFi's accting leaves my mind at ease to work on what I do best. I appreciate the work you do for me.  I feel fortunate to have someone of your caliber taking care of me.”